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We are an agro-media company in Nigeria offering agro-based information and consultancy services to all direct and indirect participants of the agricultural sector.

We are bridging the information gap in the agriculture sector through the production of multimedia and literary content. These are geared towards individuals with interest in Agriculture but are often times limited by knowledge. 

our little story

In undertaking farming, we undertake a responsibility covering the whole life cycle. We can break it or keep it whole.


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Soil Testing

Importance of Soil Testing

For many reasons, a soil test is important: maximizing crop production, protecting the atmosphere from pollution by runoff and leaching of excess fertilizers, helping to

Tundra Vegetation

Tundra Vegetation 101

Tundra Vegetation: A Tundra, is a major zone of treeless level or rolling ground found in cold regions, mostly north of the Arctic Circle (Arctic tundra)

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