Pig facts: More Than Bacon

Pig facts: We have a responsibility in what we consume but it becomes difficult to make good choices when we have no idea of what is in a product.

Christein Meindertsma, said: ‘Like most people, I had little idea of what happens to a pig after it leaves the abattoir so I decided to try to find out. She said: she was shocked when she began to find out just how unusual and varied the different uses for an ordinary pig were.

In most developed countries, it’s almost as if these days, a pig is no longer thought of an animal but more like an industrial raw material with a mind-blowing amount of different uses.

According to the report of Marcus Dunk, Christein Meindertsma found out that for every ounce of pig, 185 more astonishing products are created. Below are some of the products gotten form our beloved pig, not just bacon.

Pig facts

Ice cream Gelatin Regulates the sugar crystallization and slows down the melting process
Cream cheese Gelatin Keeps it stable.
Wine, Beer, Fruit Juice Gelatin Absorbs cloudy element to give a clear drink
Face mask Collagen Helps reduce wrinkles.
Soap Fatty acid from bone fat Hardening and coloring agent
Hair and paint brushes Pig hair Used in painting and hair brushing
Candles Fatty acid from bone fat Used to stiffen the wax and raise the candles melting point.
Bread Protein from pig hair Used to soften the dough.
Tambourine Pigs bladder Used in making sound
Paint Fatty acid from bone fat Increases gloss
Tooth paste Glycerin from bone fat Used to give toothpaste its texture
Train brakes Bone ash Used in trains
Human valve Pig heart valve To replace defective human valve
Chemical weapon testing Whole pig Because of their similarity to human tissue, they are usually used to test chemical weapons first.

The complex workings of the global food and processing industry have ensured that it is almost impossible to avoid pig altogether. So when next you think of a pig don’t just think BACON.

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