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The Sabiagrik Group

Nigeria with a rapid growing population has been one of the focus regions for international donor agencies concerned about persistent food security and poverty alleviation and has a lot of funds spent annually on agriculture.

Most groups and institutions involved in agricultural knowledge and skill acquisation among farmers claim to be focused on poverty alleviation, food security, skill acquisation, information desimination, these have not been followed through to the strategic principles that is operational in programmes. The passion to bridge this gap in agriculture gave rise to Sabiagrik

Registration, Conception and Incorporation

Sabi-Agrik is a registered limited liability company in Nigeria focused on agro media and consultancy using technology to improve agriculture, offering agro based information and consultancy services to all direct and indirect participants of the agricultural sector.
It was conceived in 2015 and incorporated in 2018. Since inception Sabiagrik has always pioneer the use of media, technology and information to solve critical agricultural and its value-chain challenges.

We are bridging the information gap in the agriculture sector through the production of original do-it-yourself instructional videos. These videos and literary works are geared towards those with interest in Agriculture but are limited by knowledge to learn and practice and we have therefore developed our own technology platform which offers a range of technical and business features. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their production performance and realise their most important goals. Our clients depend on us for than just promoting their enterprise

About Our Services

Soil Analysis

Unlock the secrets beneath your soil with expert Soil Analysis services. Gain insights for healthier crops and sustainable land management.

Livestock Input and Breed Sourcing

Elevate your livestock farming with premium input sourcing and breed selection services. Maximize your herd’s potential for growth and success.

Farm Layout Design

Optimize your farm’s efficiency and productivity with our Farm Layout Design expertise. Transform your land into a strategic agricultural masterpiece

Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

Navigate sustainability confidently with our Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF). Harness the power of responsible practices for a brighter future.

Development of Environmental Management System

Take control of your environmental impact with our Environmental Management System development services. Achieve sustainability goals efficiently and responsibly.

Environmental and Social Management Plans

Elevate your environmental and social responsibility with our tailored Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP). Create a sustainable path forward.

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The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.