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Palm Kernel

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Palm kernel analysis is a critical step to ascertaining the quality of palm kernel oil. First, palm kernel is raw material interest we are going to be understudying the four major cardinals which are (i) Shell Content, moisture content, oil content and free fatty acid.

The apparatus involved are lab knife, choker, cork, bucket, weighing balance.

You need to mix the sample very so as to get an even distribution. You pour a handful into the weighing balance. After which you transfer it on a workbench then you carefully select the shell from the palm kernel. At the end of this process, there is need to weigh the shell again.

The result gotten will give you the percentage shell content for that sample.

Palm Kernel Analysis: Moisture Content

To test for moisture content, the apparatus involved are the weighing balance, petri-dish, the spatula and the grinder.

To get the moisture content, you take a handful or two of the sample, you grind about four times using grinder in order for you to have a fine particles

Then you take it to the weighing balance using the petri dish you take the empty weight of the petri dish they record the reading and then pour out ten grams of the sample using a spatula after which you open dry it for about 20 to 30 minutes.

After the process of drying, you keep it you put it in a desiccator to cool after which you weigh the second time. At this point you deduct the second weigh result from the first weight result multiplied by the number of samples all over hundred which would give us the percentage moisture content for that particular sample

Palm Kernel Analysis: Oil Content

To test for oil content using the grounded sample that we had already you weigh five grams of the sample on a weighing balance using a filter paper.

Then you carefully fold it and put it in the extraction timbu after putting in the extraction timbu you weigh an empty flask you take the reading then you to the flask you pour about two hundred mil of exin to it then you place it in the heating mantle after placing it you use a reflow stick then you set up the apparatus a combination of the flask the reflux tube and then the condenser is what we call succulate extractor.

Palm Kernel

Then you set up the apparatus and allow it to be there for two hours after which you remove it then you pour out the sample we put in the extraction symbol. After which a simple distillation method is applied by recollecting your exin.

Now you be left with the oil alone in the flux which would not be pure. It will still contain some traces of the exin by that we employ a drying method. You dry it either in the oven or the heating mantle for about four minutes after drying you put it in a desiccator to cool.

After cooling you weigh it again, the answer(second weight) minus the first weight result divided by the grams of the sample which was five grams then multiplied by 100 the result will give you is the percentage oil content for that particular sample

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