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Grasscutter farming is a very light lucrative business to start and also is a farming of these species of grass cutters. The tiresome species which we have here is a farming that you can start off at the back of your compound, any small barn that you have, corridors, space or a hall.

The aim is to get a space sizable enough for you to put your cage. The cost of production of this cage is about 75,000 naira to build a cage as mamoth this.

It was about five steps but we had to put this here for space consumption and then setting your grass cutter farm; the grasscutters are easily prone to cold so we need to put them in an environment where they can easily be closed very well and that’s why we have this here to protect them from cold and you can see the setting inwhich we kept them.

Grasscutter farming: How do you get your grass cutter for a good grass cutter farm?

A colony of grasscutter consists of four females and one male and you can get a colony at about between seventy nine thousand to eighty nine thousand depending on the farm or the setting where you get yours from.

To cross the grasscutter, the male has to be between eight months and a year while the female must have attained at least seven months else they have not grown up to maturity for crossing but now you can see them they’re crossed here while over here you can see the baby grass cutters they are both just three months old over there and of course they are no more with their mom so they are now alone.

Grasscutter farming: What do they feed on mainly?

The grasscutter feeds on grass generally so that is why it sounds to be an easy kind of farming so mainly grass you have elephant grass, guinea grass, stubborn grass which you can use which is medicinal.

Also you can give them concentrate feeds, fruits and vegetables like carrots you can give them cassava but not all species of cassava.

Like I said the fruits carrots, cucumbers and then you go to market and get vegetable stock we give them vegetable stock they eat it and that alone makes the feeding not to be too expensive.

As a young farmer or someone just starting, you depend less on the concentrates and then more on grasses which you can get anywhere and also you have to be careful with the type of grasses you get.

Coming into the farm you see grasses that are outside, when you cut these grasses you have to keep them outside because there are ants that are always in the bushes when you go to cut the grasses.

So you have to leave them outside for the ants to roll out. This is because those and if you just feed the grass cutter immediately you cut the grasses and the come in contact with those and it can lead to casualties and the worst possible case is death.

That’s why you have to be careful and when you feed your grasscutters with concentrate you have to give them water too.

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