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Growing vegetables is a viable option that yields high returns over a short period of time that is between the planting and harvesting season. Market demand is a significant factor to be considered while deciding to venture into the growing of a particular vegetable.

Today I’ll be discussing on peppers/capsicums​ (popularly​ called sweet peppers), cabbages and onions and how they can be profitable farming ventures especially during the dry season to get high returns.

These vegetables are important business ventures for farmers to invest during the dry season because they give high returns with less supervision over a short period of time.

The nutrition component yield from each also aids in marketing of these products.

The piece of land required to grow the vegetables is relatively small, making it easier for a farmer at any level to undertake.

Farmers should invest in the above vegetables because they are sure of a constant market for their produce and there is less competition during the dry season because many farmers tend to engage in annual crops like maize, cassava, yam etc that grow over a long period and they will be concentrating on harvest season.

One of the major need to growing crops especially during the dry season is a constant water supply to ensure your crops don’t dry up from the harsh weather conditions.

Growing these vegetables during the dry season will fetch a higher price in the market because of demand therefore farmers will enjoy high gains.

Best Vegetable Types For DrySeason

Capsicum is a vegetable, commonly referred to as sweet pepper that is used as a natural spice. It is grown under sheltered sunny conditions (greenhouses), open field and exists in various varieties and shapes.

Capsicum has a wide range of nutritious benefits since they provide a rich source of vitamins, alkaloids that present an anti inflammatory, analgesic role therefore act as an antioxidant.

You can plant around 5,000 – 10,000 plants of capsicum on an acre of land with a expected yield of over 5-20 tons after a growing period of 90 days.

Cabbage are green leafy biennial plants belonging to the family of broccoli cultivated throughout the year. It takes about two to three months to maturity after transplanting.

t is therefore flexible for any farmer to invest in to enjoy numerous profits over a short period. Cabbages have a high content of sulphur that is necessary for healthy hair, nails and skin.

It is low in fat and rich in fiber therefore ideal for weight loss. The vegetable contains a high content of vitamin c that detoxifies the body and compounds that stimulate enzyme activity to inhibit growth of cancerous tumors. Cabbages can give you a possible 11,000 and 15,000 heads per acre.

Onions form a foundational part in various soups, salads and casseroles. They are part of the alliums family and exist in a variety of types that include, green onions, dry bulb onions and the white onions.

It takes about 4 months for onions to mature making it a feasible venture for farmers to undertake. The health benefit achieved from onions include improving of body immunity by providing vitamin, contains chromium that assists in regulation of blood sugar and for many years heal infections by reducing inflammation.

In summary, to achieve all of the above it involves a lot of hard work, dedication, patience, and understanding that’s needed for success in every venture. GAP is key for optimum profit in agriculture.

Fluted pumpkin (Ugu) leaves are common in the markets of lowland areas in Benin, Nigeria, and Cameroon. During the dry season in Nigeria intensive trade develops in areas along river banks for sale to urban areas where major food-crop markets develop. It is estimated that the leaves are consumed by over 40 million people daily, thereby making it one of the most consumed vegetables in Nigeria.

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  1. Good day.Thank you for your resourceful tips on dry season vegetables that are highly lucrative if grown according to the required practices. I equally gainned lot from the short but educative video clip on rabbit keeping. Can you kindly furnish me with richly useful tips on planting of Ewedu, Cucumber and water Melon.Also,i Will be glad to receive latest news/trends on agricultural related posts and updates.
    Thanks for your anticipated positive responses.

  2. l do congratulate you for this very vital information .My heart bleed every time I see our people travelling to Cameroon to work onion cabbage tomatoes and many other vegetables while the soil in the mambila plateau is similar to that of Cameroon.
    Sir I want to do vegetable farming of cabbage and Onion in vakude sardauna local government Area I need your advice
    The season
    Where to get the seeds
    And the process to follow
    What kind of fertilizer to USS
    How to get a water pomp

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