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Intended for ranchers by ranchers, following seven years of testing far and wide and broad client conferences, the MF 8S Series conveys precisely what administrators need. While outfitted with wonderful determinations, simultaneously it offers uncommon incentive for cash by guaranteeing proprietors will just compensation for what they need.

“Our MF NEXT visionary idea, appeared just because at Agritechnica in 2019, is currently a reality,” says Thierry Lhotte, Vice President and Managing Director Massey Ferguson, Europe and Middle East. “Last November we were commending the 50th commemoration of the moon arrival, which made the incomprehensible become conceivable. Presently the time has come to convey that vision arrival on earth. We are not propelling only a farm vehicle, yet additionally denoting another time for our image.”

There are 4 totally new MF 8S Series farm hauler models all included by the one of a kind “Ensure U” taxi/motor establishment and a radical ‘neo-retro’ structure. Based on a 3.05m wheelbase they offer most extreme force from 205hp to 265hp, all with an extra 20hp from Engine Power Management (EPM).

Simultaneously, Massey Ferguson presents new, direct numbering. Taking for instance the MF 8S.265 model: the 8 represents the Series, the S represents the detail level and the last three digits are the most extreme force.

Something other than a farm vehicle

The dispatch of the MF 8S Series proclaims a totally new time for Massey Ferguson, presenting an improved client experience including the advantages of availability and savvy cultivating advances.

To fulfill the need of present day, supportable cultivating Massey Ferguson consolidates best in class apparatus with a thorough scope of completely associated administrations to assist clients with dealing with their organizations all the more adequately.

Fund, maintenance agreement, and politeness machines can be completely coordinated into the bundle. With MF Connect Telemetry and the new MyMF Customer Portal (contingent upon nations) clients can deal with their armadas with MF cloud-based arrangements.

“This totally new plan conveys the following degree of clear and trustworthy work vehicles that administrators requested,” says Mr. Lhotte. “They revealed to us they need a work vehicle that is agreeable, with unparalleled perceivability, productive, simple to utilize, and shrewd. Massey Ferguson has reacted directly forthright with the MF 8S and the related administrations.”

Massey Ferguson MF 8S arrangement particulars

MF 8S.205 MF 8S.225 MF 8 S.245 MF 8S.265

Engine AGCO Power – Stage V – All-in-One innovation

Motor capacity                             6-chamber, 7.4 liter

Transmissions New Dyna E-Power Dual Clutch or Dyna-7 Semi-Powershift

Max. power @ 1,850rpm   205hp 225hp 245hp 265hp

Max. power EPM 225hp 245hp 265hp 285hp

Max force @

1,000 ÷ 1,500rpm 900Nm 1,000Nm 1,100Nm 1,200Nm

MF 8S Series – Introducing another period

A totally new 3.4m³ volume taxi. With its one of a kind shape and the four-column structure, this taxi has unparalleled perceivability. It offers the following degree of room, solace, controls, and network.

Because of the one of a kind “Secure U” plan it lessens clamor, warmth, vibrations and empowers perfect and cool wind stream be yearned for by the back and conveyed to the motor air channel. This taxi is situated as truly outstanding in the commercial center as far as clamor levels.

Ideal control and brilliant cultivating ability are given by the “MF vDisplay” advanced and instinctive dashboard, Datatronic 5 terminal, and another complete MultiPad control switch with “Control Center” armrest.

The MF 8S Series presents a decision of two totally new and effective transmissions, conveying most extreme capacity to the ground while diminishing force misfortunes by 26% and improving efficiency by up to 10%.

The new Dyna E-Power double grasp transmission consolidates the advantages of the present accessible innovations: the sentiment of a CVT and the productivity of a straightforwardly precisely determined transmission. On the other hand, the new, super-effective, Dyna-7 Semi-Powershift now offers 28 forward and turn around speeds.

Another, back pivot joined with more oil stream improves productivity and adaptability. With up to 10% more footing power and 20% more stream, it empowers the utilization of more extensive, more gainful actualizes and machines to improve execution and diminish costs.

Complete availability offering to improve productivity and reasonable cultivating. MF 8S comes standard with MF Connect Telemetry and discretionary MF Task Doc information move programming permitting clients to settle on the board choices to amplify effectiveness and efficiency.

Decision of Exclusive or Efficient detail bundles and alternatives empower clients to tailor their farm haulers to suit, best case scenario their particular needs.

*MF Always Running kindness farm vehicle armada administration, included as standard, offers industry-driving help to expand uptime.*in taking an interest markets

High solace taxi – joining solace, perceivability, and network

With its 24 cm. hole isolating the taxi from the motor, the “Ensure U” idea totally protects the taxi from commotion, warmth, and vibrations. Commotion levels of simply 68dB make it one of the calmest in the market and, with an inside volume of 3.4m³, it is additionally one of the most extensive.

With a 6.6m² glass region, it is a light and vaporous working environment flaunting unparalleled space and perceivability. Supplanting the dashboard with the new computerized “MF vDisplay” terminal fitted to the correct column, leaves only the directing haggle Control switch before the driver, giving uncommon forward perceivability over the thin, super wasp-waisted cap.

Inside the taxi, administrators will feel the restrictive condition, with genuine cowhide on the seat (discretionary), a leatherette finish on the directing haggle (discretionary). The new top notch seat is auto-air suspended, warmed, ventilated, and outfitted with parallel damping. There is, obviously, a proficient programmed air-con, which is provided through 14 outlets. Mechanical dynamic taxi suspension further improves comfort on Exclusive models.

The “MF vDisplay” advanced dashboard shows all the work vehicle data initially. Simple to peruse and with natural activity, its reasonable showcase can be customized and changed by essentially looking through settings with a turning handle by the controlling wheel.

The new Control Center armrest fitted with the most recent simple to-utilize MultiPad switch gives total fingertip control. This ISOBUS perfect switch works all the farm truck works and incorporates a vital miniaturized scale joystick to control two spool valves.

The refreshed Datatronic 5 (new “shiny” front glass and UI) is mounted on a movable arm. This 9-inch contact screen terminal is as simple and natural to use as any cell phone or tablet. It is a solitary screen framework for controlling the farm vehicle works and deal with all MF Technologies, for example, MF Guide, MF Section, and Rate Control just as MF Task Doc information catch and move.

Elite and proficiency

Most recent Stage V AGCO Power 6-chamber/7.4-liter motors convey more force, force, and execution at low rpm diminishing working expenses. Massey Ferguson’s clear All-In-One after-treatment innovation alongside water driven tappet alteration, which is both upkeep free, decreases running expenses.

These vigorous motors create 205hp to 265hp, with Engine Power Management (EPM) giving an extra 20hp to move, PTO, and pressure driven applications. Most extreme force is produced as of now at 1,000 rpm and it is consistent up to 1,500 rpm – giving elite at low motor speeds that cuts fuel utilization by 10% and commotion by up to 6dB.

Across the board coordinated Selected Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with a Soot Catalyst (SC) is a completely incorporated framework that doesn’t require the utilization of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or complex Variable Geometry Turbocharger. Intended to last the lifetime of the farm vehicle, this smaller unit, mounted outside the work vehicle, guarantees perceivability remains totally unobstructed and the fumes pipe is much slimmer than previously.

One of a kind typified motor

The particular “Protec-U” plan with its 24 cm. hole between the taxi and the motor establishment separates the MF 8S Series from every single other farm hauler. Just as lessening warmth, commotion, and vibrations being communicated to the taxi, the special typified motor position improves cooling and execution.

Air attracted from the center of the farm hauler, behind the motor, is cleaner than that from the standard position. This perfect air decreases the heap on the primary air channel while enhancing motor execution.

This creative structure significantly improves availability for cleaning the radiators as well. Making it simpler to complete standard support will improve unwavering quality and help lessen personal time.

New exceptionally proficient, simple to utilize transmissions

With the dispatch of the MF 8S Series, Massey Ferguson is presenting the following degree of exceptionally proficient transmission innovation.

Structured and created by its in-house specialists, the Dyna E-Power, Dual Clutch gearbox consolidates the benefits of a consistently factor transmission (CVT) with the capacity to communicate power as effectively as a mechanical transmission. This new unit much further lessens power misfortunes versus past MF 7700 S Dyna-6, by up to 26% at higher velocities, conveying fuel reserve funds up to 10%!

Dyna E-Power gives in excess of a full powershift, utilizing Dual Clutch innovation for ranges move permitting expectation and consistent changes. It offers four territories with seven riggings, with semi-covers unmistakably intended for expanding in the field and on-street execution.

Working completely consequently or physically utilizing catches on the MultiPad or Power Control switch, it is likewise conceivable to modify how forcefully and rapidly completely programmed changes are made to coordinate work and conditions.

Apparatuses change consistently, easily, and proficiently, with just a 9% gear proportion distinction betw


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