As the government continues to exercise the stay-at-home order, people are keeping safe by implementing some of the biosecurity steps. The thing is that some of these steps are commonly associated with poultry biosecurity. Several articles and presentations regarding poultry health and management have been written; this is still a key focus in poultry production and the livestock industry, making it a knowledgeable source. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many recommendations floating around about how individuals should protect themselves, many of which have reminded me of biosecurity steps taken on a poultry farm. We have all been told to stay home and minimize gatherings. Poultry farms do this daily by documenting the number of people that come in and out of the farms or enter the pen houses. I read something this morning that said individuals should take their clothes off in the garage and shower as soon as they get home. This sounds a lot like the shower-in, shower-out method used in many farms. Not to mention, we have all seen posters and write-ups about proper handwashing after having contact with animals, and those tips could be useful to consumers now. We were also informed that the virus could be carried on your shoes for multiple days. Perhaps families should consider using some foot bath, or foot dip is obtainable in many farms. Processing plants have mastered the cleaning process between shifts; could these methods be useful in helping families clean their homes more frequently? I am sure I am only touching the surface of possibilities here. Anyway, we have to continue to execute the stay home order and stay committed to biosecurity measures to combat this pandemic. See you on my next post! Reference. Deven King See Our Content Library, Click HERE Check out other articles HERE

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