Agribusiness Post Covid-19: When Things Fall Apart, Who Bails the Cat?

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Agribusiness post COVID-19: Streaming through news headlines over the past weeks, I am reminded of scenes from Joe Wright’s The Darkest Hour; COVID-19 has invaded planet Earth, causing it to lock-down momentarily. This is our sad reality. The next question would be, how will Agribusiness fare in a post Covid-19 context?

I was out a few times after the first four cases of the Pandemic were reported in the Federal Capital Territory where I reside and honestly, I lost count of how many times I used my hand sanitizer or rushed to the rest room to wash my hands. Despite the winds plot to keep my hands on my face as my hair kept coming over my eyes and lips, I struggled to keep my hands to myself.
In trying to practice social distancing, I paid for double sits on different taxis considering this was cheaper than hiring a taxi over the long distance. This made it clear that it was less expensive and safer to remain indoors.

Nevertheless, the cost of stocking up is another issue entirely as foodstuffs have now become scarce owing to the rush and high demand as well as a decline in supply caused by restrictions on movement leading to a hike in the prices of agricultural commodities. So I wonder, what would be the fate of the agricultural supply chain and the 2020 farming season?

Agribusiness Post Covid-19: The Change

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has come to change life as we have known it to be, requiring us to collectively stay physically apart if we must be together again. Dr. Adanna Steinacker, a UK based entrepreneur and digital influencer has described the pandemic as the universe’s way of asking humans to “slow down”, calling for adjustments here and there.

Personally, amongst many of the adjustments I have had to make over the last couple of days was suspending my “slay” to a friend’s wedding this weekend– something we had planned since last year. Truth is I would rather slay in my PJs all through Saturday than be a COVIDiot and be slain by COVID-19.

I understand that we are all scared and maybe confused too, but to those Nigerians saying it is not their portion, well it is also not my portion in Jesus Name as well. However, the Bible says “…wisdom is profitable to direct” – Ecclesiastes 10:10. So let’s apply wisdom by staying at home and keeping our hygiene in check.

Agribusiness Post Covid-19: The Hard Truth

Truth is, COVID-19 is no joke, it is VERY REAL and has unfortunately snatched the lives of many persons across the globe, so let’s do all we can to keep this virus off our planet.

Agribusiness Post Covid-19: Coping Mechanism

Considering the President’s directive on the cessation of all movements in Lagos and the FCT for an initial period of 14days with effect from 11pm on Monday, 30 th March, please be sure to stock up on essential items especially the right kinds of food, some of which include;

– Water: For people, who do not drink tap water; remember to buy lots and lots of water to ensure that you stay hydrated always. Drinking water will carry Oxygen to your body cells and remove toxins thus preventing a build-up which would result in a properly functioning system;

– Fruits and vegetables: Oranges, mangoes, apples, grapes, tangerine, lemon, and leafy vegetables are good too. It is better to buy fruits that can be preserved for a while with or without steady power supply;

– Protein: considering the power challenges in the country, instead of chicken, goat meat or fresh fish, stock up more of dried fish and eggs to meet your protein needs, and beans  too for beans lovers like myself. But if the power supply is better in your area then be sure to stock your fridge up with healthy meat;

– Grains: check your bag of rice; will it take you over the next 2-4 weeks? If not, buy some more;

– Natural spices: turmeric, ginger and garlic are must haves as well;

– Tubers: buy yams, sweet potatoes and plantain too. Just make sure your diet does not revolve around rice, noodles, spaghetti and swallow only.

– Small chops (snacks): boredom is sure to hit hard, plus it is common knowledge that staying at home comes with eating a lot, so stock-up on some healthy small chops that will keep the mouth busy when you are bored or feeling hungry. Examples include; unripe plantain chips, biscuits low in sugar content, groundnuts, raw popcorn and so on.

As a reminder, and for emphasis, remember that the World Health Organisation has asked us to;
 Wash our hands or sanitize them when we do not have immediate access to water.

 STOP TOUCHING OUR FACES; this is no time to pick your nose or scratch your eyes or use your fingers to pick meat from your teeth. Except your hands have been thoroughly cleaned, keep them off of your face.

 Stay at home! Nigerians, please stay at home so that you can live to fight another day rather than worry about how you’ll feed your family with your means of livelihood locked down.

 Above all do not panic. This is currently our sad reality, but I am assured by my faith in God that this too shall come to an end.
Remember, it is not all about you anymore, as you are now responsible for the survival of millions of people who have direct and indirect contact with you including your village people who are miles away.

When things fall apart, who bails the cat?

Stay safe. Love always!

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  1. Timely. The fact that there’s a bit of diversity from the usual ‘agriculture’ we’ve been used to makes me rate you even more. A brilliant writer.

  2. Indeed the right words for these trying times. Yes! We must stay apart to live together. Keep up the good work.

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