Strategic Management: Michael Dell’s No. 1 Case Study

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Strategic management is a critical and essential tool every leader must have. This case study about Michael Dell is one which has encourgaed me. I see Michael Dell as not just the normal CEO that you find every day but really a visionary pioneer.

He never allowed any other situation or challenge negatively influence his vision for Dell computers. As CEO, he had been faced with the challenge of entering something no other person had done. He ventured into this project with little or no formal education about the kind of company he wanted to operate. He found himself making mistakes but didn’t allow these setbacks detern his drive.

It is uncommon to observe start-ups surround themselves with those who drive their fantasy and work together as a staff. They get so insecure and will not share their fantasies because they want to achieve it alone. They reside inthe assumption or fear that the people they use will depart and go replicate their dreams elsewhere. One striking fact about Dell is that the amount of inclusiveness he allowed for in the plan of creating his fantasy.

The dream was exclusively his but he was humble enough to admit that he needed to learn a great deal of new items. We find situations such as this today where most CEOs assume that their position conferes on these excusivity of ideas. He shared his dream with a group of folks who would work together with him as a group to actualize his fantasy. This is one of the crucial issues in strategic direction.

Reading through his strategy of management, one would dare say he functioned as if he knew just what to do a while. Something that stands out in his approach is that the simple fact that he never lost track of their customer. He was constantly in constant touch with his clients discovering better ways to serve them.

He also looked in better ways of reacting to their complaints in real time through direct sales. Staying focused, he also recognized other firms who had the best of the elements he needed. To create this dream, he created partnerships instead of competitions. He struck partnership deals with computer component businesses to build his computers and this has been the gamechanger.

This is where lots of leaders overlook it. They presume that hiring the top hands mechanically isolates them from learning or improving in their skills. The fact that one is a pioneer, places a burden of continous instruction on the topic matter. To lead is to learn!

This case is quite unique in the sense that it doesn’t portray the Michael dell narrative for a fairy tale. It tries to depict the challenges facing every youthful visionary with a dream today. He did not have the throw of the business, plot, main characters, climax and the end already predesigned.

What really stands out in this circumstance is the simple fact he knew from the beginning that he wanted to deliver personalized computers for his clients. Through this compose, we can observe that his strategy was always evolving but within the confines of the initial vision.

All the new ideas introduced per time have been aimed at enhancing their service delivery in great time and specification of the client. At some point when they’d drifted from their eyesight, they had to make the difficult decision of admitting that they were wrong. At this point they had to assess their versions and stop those that had induced them setbacks.

Strategic Management: Competition

One thing that worked for Michael Dell was the simple fact that other companies were expecting him to neglect once he started. I am of the opinion that this was the leverage he’d. While they spent time criticizing his job and maybe not paying attention to him, he studied the marketplace. He understood his clients’ wants and built his brand.

He became great that companies and governments made him their number one alternative. Even though it is very important to be aware that he had a couple of competitions, they were quite far from realizing the version enough to develop into a very powerful contest to Dell.

The basis of competitive advantage Micheal Dell had was that he didn’t relent in looking for better ways to serve the customers with value added products. His drive was customer satisfaction instead of competition with other companies.Strategic Management: Inspiration

Every true follower looks forward to working with CEOs who inspire them and appreciate their gifts to the dream. It gets better when leaders can define a definite career path with measureable and achievable objectives. I see Dell as someone with those qualities and whom anybody with dreams would like to use.

The environment made by Dell is one which is rarely seen today in several large institutions. His leadership style stands out in the feeling that he didn’t isolate himself by the consumers. In addition, he also took the blames for wrong decisions taken and managed to divert the company towards overcoming their challenges to get much better performance.

Strategic Managment: Measures

For start-ups from the environmental / agricultural area, Michael dell’s leadership mode of participatory and visionary (alter ) leadership is a timeless to study. Time should be devoted time in identifying odd needs of farmers that you want to offer service to.

Find out decent business principles, and engage the services of folks who believe in your vision. Partner with different start-ups or established companies who have services which will help my fantasy come true. I’m excited about Dell’s decision making techniques and the way they played out in the long run.

Every section of the case study retains in it classes, virtues and principles which can be applied in just about any part of the planet. But, one could be tempted to believe that if he were in Nigeria or any other developing nation, it would have been different.

If we must get it right, these frictions will need to give way!In agriculture, it is extremely rare to observe partnerships in this portion of the planet because we are utilized to the subsistent means of farming. We see situations where one farmer owns the entire business. In case that he succeeds making it large, he passes it down to his kids.

Strategic Management: Conclusion

In Nigeria and other african countries, it’s simpler to observe women join forces to achieve a effort than to find men do so. Women are more concerned with forming cooperatives and joint ventures than men. This is credited to the egoistic nature of these men.

From this case study on strategic leadership and management, we should not only learn from micheal dell but ought to be encouraged to venture out the not-so-popular but applicable areas of Agriculture and Environment. Dell’s story shows what advantages there are in being focused and resilient in the face of challenges.

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