Field Data Enumerator

  • Location: Abuja
  • Job ID: 20121325
  • Job Type: Consulting

About IFDC

IFDC is a public international organization active in 27 countries in Africa, Asia, and America. IFDC uniquely approaches the global issues of food security and poverty by bridging the gap between research and impact, combining science-based innovations, holistic market systems development, an enabling policy environment, and strategic partnerships to assist farmers and countries to identify and scale sustainable agricultural solutions, including improved nutrient use efficiency. These approaches are needed to boost soil health and crop productivity while reducing the environmental impact of fertilizer use. IFDC translates research into action by using locally driven, environmentally sound, and impact-oriented solutions. With our partners, we seek to close the yield gap, eradicate global hunger, safeguard the soil on which our lives depend, and generate economic resilience for farming households and the countries in which they live.

IFDC is currently seeking passionate individuals to join its team, as the organization continues to expand its impact and work towards creating positive changes in agriculture and sustainable soil management across the world.


  1. Get familiar with the data collection tools and study manual
  2. Attend a one-week training on data collection and provide feedback
  3. Conduct interviews with pre-selected households and communities only.
  4. Make re-visits to respondents who could not be located during previous visits.
  5. Inform the Field Supervisor and/or project core team of progress and challenges encountered during the field activities and identify appropriate solutions.
  6. Ensure confidentiality and quality of data collected by adhering to IFPRI’s data collection policies.
  7. Ensure safe storage and handling of all IFPRI’s devices and equipment.

Job Requirements

  1. Qualifications (HND, B.Sc., M.Sc) in the fields of Economics, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Sociology, Development Studies, or Statistics.
  2. Proven skills in the use of mobile devices for data collection (Survey CTO, ODK, Kobo Collect)
  3. Experience in conducting quantitative survey in Southwestern part of Nigeria
  4. Residents of Osun State are preferred
  5. Strong command of English and Yoruba

Reporting and Work Relationships

The enumerators will report to the Field Supervisors and the IFPRI research team.


This is a national recruitment with a duty station in Osun State, Nigeria.


This is a short-term role and the enumerator will be paid a determined daily rate. Enumerators will make provision for their insurance.

Salary Clause

The remuneration for this position is a daily rate of Thirty thousand Naira only (#30,000)

Diversity Clause

IFDC is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, and offers equal employment opportunities based on ability, performance, and potential. Equal opportunity is integral to the recruitment and selection practices at IFDC. IFDC recognizes the value in recruiting employees with different backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and beliefs. IFDC recognizes and values the contribution of people with a diverse background in capabilities, experience, and perspectives. Diversity encompasses gender, age, experience, education, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and cultural backgrounds as well as other dimensions such as lifestyle and family responsibilities.

About Program/Project

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) through funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) is leading a one-year impact evaluation (IE) project to generate causal evidence on the effects of integrating training activities that link school feeding programs to smallholder farmer. Specifically, the evaluation will assess how such training influences key outcomes for smallholder farmers, including market participation, sales volumes and revenues. The project’s scope encompasses 9 local government areas in Osun State, Nigeria, where outcomes related to sale volumes, sales revenues, as well as the quality and quantity of school meal menus will be evaluated.

The enumerators will have the primary responsibility of interviewing and collecting high quality baseline data from already identified cooks and farmers for the evaluation of project impacts. The enumerator will work closely with the IFPRI research team, personnel from the Osun State Elementary School Feeding and Health Programme (O-MEALS), and other stakeholders within the project communities.

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